Synbiont Ag Wash 1 Gallon ConcentrateSynbiont Ag Wash 1 Gallon Concentrate

Synbiont Ag Wash 1 Gallon Concentrate


Synbiont® Ready-To-Use Ag Wash is a safe cleaning alternative to bleach and other harsh chemicals. Synbiont chemistry was originally developed and patented to clean fruits, vegetables, and other food contact surfaces. Synbiont Ready-To-Use Ag Wash is veterinarian-approved for use as a multi-purpose cleaner, shampoo, wound care, and deodorizer for large animals and their living environments. With no expiration date, this all-in-one product saves time and money by condensing your animal supplies.

  • Cleaner, shampoo, wound care, deodorizer
  • Removes inanimate contaminants
  • Cleans animals, barns, stalls, feeding troughs and tack
  • Use in veterinary offices, boarding facilities, arenas, trailers and backyards
  • Safe to use on eyes, ears, nose and mouth
  • Accelerates the healing and recovery of wounds
  • Improves biosecurity protection

USE ON EVERYTHING - Use Ag Wash on your trailers, water buckets, kennels, hay racks, wood, tile, bedding, counters, tack, horse stalls, feeders, and anywhere animals frequent, they're safe for immediate use after cleaning. It works as a non-corrosive, multipurpose cleaner. Makes 12 diluted gallons.

CLEAN YOUR ANIMALS - Perfect to use as horse shampoo, dog shampoo, or any large animal and pet shampoo. This wash is environmentally friendly for all types of animals and pets.

USED IN MANY DIFFERENT FACILITIES - This product is used in commercial facilities, veterinary clinics, by professional trainers, and by every day animal owners.

FOOD GRADE SAFE - Fragrance free, non-toxic, and safe to use around any and all animal food. Chemistry also used in washing fruits and vegetables.


Top Reviews


I used it to give my Jack Russell a bath mixing the Synbiont concentrate in a garden sprayer, spraying him with it. I don't have to worry about his eyes or worry about rinsing him. I could just put a towel around him to dry him and pick him up out of the sink, and finish drying him. The proceess was so simple which was beneficial since we live in a small condo now and I am now 75 years old.

I had previously used this product to wash my horse who had a skin ailment. I used the product with great confidence and success on my horse to rid him of a skin virus which was very bad. He was treated successfully and finally was free of the virus.

I cannot say enough good words and praise for this product which is food safe and developed for agricultural use. An enthusiastic user for sure.

- Renee Stewart

Fantastically Clean

You can not get better than SYNBIONT products. I have used the products in my business and home use. I bought this to bathe my dogs as they were very itchy. The itching stopped and the coat is beautiful. READ about Synbiont if you are not aware of the product, you can clean your veggies and what a great time to be clean with COVID around.

Be All End All Cleaner

A friend of mine recommended the Synbiont Ultimate Multi-Purpose Cleaner, so I bought it & loved it! I switched to the 32oz Ag Wash concentrate after further research and realized it can be used for absolutely EVERYTHING! It's a chemical free product that can be used on different surfaces like granite, tile & wood plus it's food grade safe so you can wash your fresh produce. I just tried it on my wood floors which were left clean with zero residue & still retained shine plus there isn't that lingering bleach chemical smell popular with most cleaners. At a capful a bucket it's super inexpensive. I no longer buy multiple products for all my different household cleaning needs. Fewer bottles under my kitchen sink is an added bonus. Plus it's a pet friendly soap for baths; again no toxic lingering smell just a clean puppy.

- Karen Helsinger

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