Treat your facility with Synbiont Ag Wash to increase your biosecurity efforts and protect your animals

Used by commercial animal facilities, arenas, and fairgrounds, Synbiont Ag Wash has become the preferred alternative to harmful chemicals. Its patented technology helps advance biosecurity efforts to provide a cleaner environment for both the facility and the animals. 

Equine facility

Synbiont Equine Biosecurity and Business Continuity Document

Here are a few facilities currently using Synbiont:

At a facility level, risk management has become paramount. As a both a preventative and maintaining biosecurity step, Synbiont Ag Wash helps to reduce the facilities’ risk of exposure in areas that are prone to exposure. 

Typically, three factors are considered when managing facility risk and Synbiont helps control these factors:


- Synbiont deodorizes and removes inanimate contaminants


 - Using a commercial spray rig, one employee can spray 500 12x12 stalls in 8 hours.


 55gal drum of concentrate makes 2750 gallons of usable wash.



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