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Create a safe BIOSECURITY
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Synboint Ag Wash

Protect your Horse

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1 Protection

The safest biosecurity product for your horse and their environment.

2 It's Safe

Unlike traditional toxic, sanitizing steps such as bleach or chlorine, Synbiont allows for an animal friendly alternative to cleaning. Helps to deodorize and reduce ammonia in urine. Safe enough to spray on buckets and bits with no rinsing.

3 How to Use

Pour 1 gallon of water into a pump up sprayer, add 1 capful (2.5oz) of Synbiont. Spray all common areas - stall walls, floors, buckets, wash racks, etc. liberally. Do not rinse off. Most customers apply using pump up sprayers, hose-end sprayers or spray bottles.

Used by major facilities throughout the US:

About Synbiont

The Synbiont family of products helps meet biosecurity protocols for cleansing animals and their surroundings. Laboratory tested and veterinarian approved, Synbiont partners with animal caretakers to help make the living, showing and transportation environments of pets, commercial livestock and competitive animals safer and more productive.